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The story behind this special gift

We started our company because we want to help children discover their inner treasures and encourage them to get the best out of themselves.

Empathy, tolerance, self-confidence and fantasy are important qualities that contribute to a better society. With the Adventures of the Lonely Unicorn bilingual storybook and package, we hope to play a role in the journey to a better self.

We are young parents who, like many parents, love to tell stories to our child. But what we missed was a book for people that raise their kids bilingual. Grace Speaks Spanish, and my native language is Dutch. We thought it would be nice to have a storybook that contains the languages of both our backgrounds.

The Adventures of the Lonely Unicorn is written in rhyme in Dutch and English (and soon to be available in Spanish and English). Languages increase interest in and knowledge of another language. It shows that someone can read the story in another language, but the message and emotions remain the same.

Each "Adventures of the Lonely Unicorn" book comes with a beautiful, magical collectable wearable item, always with a special meaning. Our first book comes with the magical backpack, here the child can use this bag to keep all of their dreams, bright ideas, and happy memories - this can be done by symbolically putting a stone, a leaf, a seed or a written paper. The child can fill the backpack with great memories over the years.

The Lonely Unicorn package also contains 2 audiobooks in English and Dutch. It is a fun way to practice another language so that children learn to look beyond cultural boundaries and become citizens of the world.

Finally, this package contains games that children love to play and help develop empathy, confidence and spark their imagination. With our products, you entertain children and allow them to stimulate their creativity, boost social skills, and a part of the profit is going to children who need help.

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