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Abracadabra Club

What is the Abracadabra club? It is a multilingual club. Here we practice funny, strange or interesting words in different languages! “Abracadabra” is a magical word used all around the world. Think about it… do you use it in your language?

To join the Abracadabra club, post a video on Instagram or Facebook of you saying a funny word in as many languages as you can! Tag us with #multilingualunicorn Then, wait for your unicorn friends to teach you the word in their language too!

For an extra challenge, we would love to hear you say an entire sentence in at least two different languages! Our favorite sentence is “Enjoy the Abracadabra club of the Unicorn”!

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Only for Abracadabra children

Our magical ABRACADABRA Club is stimulating and unique because members learn words in at least two languages, and must share words in their own language to be part of it. So get going! Send us your video via our social channels and let us know how many languages you speak. You can also challenge other children to say something in a particular language and ask them to respond to you in another language.  Let's have fun learning new languages together!


Let's connect. You can post an video to our social media channels using the below #hastags  of also you can send a message/ email to :

+0031618845034 ( The Netherlands)

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