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About us

We began 212 Books & Goods with one purpose in mind: giving clients from different backgrounds and sectors easy access to great professional and affordable material. Thanks to our team of professionals, we were able to take significant steps in setting up our company.


We stay dedicated to the principles that motivated us when we started 212 Books & Goods:

Engaging material, innovative technology and affordable prices. Feel free to browse our products, and please contact us if you have any questions.

Who we are


Although founded in 2020 by Grace Torres Tobar and Melle van der Poel, the Idea behind 212 Books and Goods started years before. Grace needed a children's book writer for a project to finish her masters, and as these things often go, she encountered Melle by chance. He just finished an innovative children's book, and her inspiring ideas turned it into something so much more. Now we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who helped us voluntarily, to create something of extraordinary quality, fit in with our target group's needs, and manage to stay very affordable.

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