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The Adventures of the Lonely

..."His home was magnificent, and Unicorn loved every last bit.

But it still gets lonely if you are the only one enjoying it."...

An adventurous gift for Adventurous Unicorns


Emotional intelligence. Bilingualism. Empathy. Inclusion. The Lonely Unicorn is a children's book that promotes all of this! Through interactive games, imaginative illustrations, audiobooks and a magical backpack, it is the perfect way to jumpstart your Child’s social-emotional learning! 

Today is your lucky day! We are offering you our Unicorn bundle for €19.95 It includes our beautiful hard-cover story book, two audio books, social-emotional learning games and a magical backpack.

Meet the Characters



Unicorn is friendly, enthusiastic, loves to play with all the insects and birds of his green valley.

His enthusiasm is contagious. His favourite food is grass cupcakes, especially for his birthday. He is a little bit naive but also very brave, he travels with a mobile stable, a magic backpack and his nightcap. 

Panda Bee.jpeg



Hi, I am clever, friendly, fun, and undoubtedly sweet. Someone a bit naughty, small but fast, who was happy to see somebody new, at last.

My favourite food is many things, as all the year I am very active. My nose and ears are very good and 

My fur has to be clean, 

I live in the dark forest maybe you want to see

Hi buzz, I have a cute face and cuddly-looking fur. I am honey sweet and very curious and a little nosy gossip thing. Hihihi

My hobby is taking naps after eating. I can snooze on my back, sides, or belly; curled up in a ball, or all sprawled out. My favourite food is the sweet syrop of the bamboo tree. Buzz, buzz 

One of our Games

The Shoe Game

First, sit in a row with all your friends or family members. Then, put on the shoes of the person sitting on your right. Now answer the following questions, but note: your answers should be as if the owner of the borrowed shoes would give the answers.  For example, if the question is: what is your favourite colour?  Then you must answer what you think the owner of the shoes would say. Good luck and lots of laughter to you!

Fotos Workshop Shoes Games.jpg

Good luck and lots of laughs 

Social with all      Emotional forever     Learning always

Our products

Join Us!

The Unicorn community with an empathy flag and an inclusion passport

Abracadabra Unicorn Club .jpg

Our magical ABRACADABRA Club is stimulating and unique because members learn words in at least two languages, and must share words in their own language to be part of it. They send us a video via our social channels and they show us how many languages they can speak. The children can also challenge other children to say something in a particular language and ask them to respond to them in another language. Let's have fun learning new languages together!

  Birthday Club

The BIRTHDAY club is a way we can celebrate the birthdays of our friends around the world together! Parents can send us their child’s birthday and/or a picture with their special treasure bag. Then, we will create a nice personal birthday post on our social media. We also hope that when they see posts of other unicorn friends around the world, the children will wish them a happy birthday too and enjoy a piece of “virtual cake” with them. Let’s have fun and enjoy congratulating other unicorn’s in the world

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