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Dutch and English | Paperback | ISBN / EAN 9789083074214 | 52 p.

Book dimensions: 26.5 cm x 21.5 cm.

Weight: 530grams per bundle (book with games and backpack).

Backpack dimensions: 36cm x 28 cmx 4 cm


A fantastic and magical gift!


This is the first bilingual book in the series of the lonely unicorn. A fun and exciting story that takes the children on an adventure in search of family and friendship. Artistically decorated with detailed illustrations where you will discover new things every time you look.


Contains fun games for children in the ages of 6 til 10 years old that stimulate their emotional intelligence and support parents and teachers alike to further develop these skills. The games have been designed with the help of a child psychologist.


The book comes with the magic bag of sweet dreams, bright ideas and happy memories. This bag is made out of a 100% cotton fiber and is ideal for taking to school. Has easy to adjust straps and is washable at 30 degrees, let it dry a little and… " as good as new!"


The Adventures of the Lonely Unicorn

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