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A fantastic and magical gift!


Would you like to have a second or third bag for the other children in the family? Or maybe for the entire class? No problem!


The magic bag is meant to put a small stone, a leaf, or a seed in, every time you have a nice dream or when you did something great. This way, over the years, you will end up with bag chock-full with beautiful memories and every time you open it, it will remind you of all the nice things that happened in your life.


This bag is going to be used by millions of children all over the world, don't forget to share your nice memories with someone who also has this magic bag. Good luck with your collection! Greets and happy trails, Unicorn!


The bag has been made out of a 100% cotton and is ideal for taking it to school. The straps of the bag are easy to adjust, washable at 30 degrees, let it dry for a bit and.. "as good as new!"

The Magic Backpack

SKU: 12123
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