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The audiobook from our first adventure with the Unicorn read with the warm voice from the author himself. Who else knows best the tone of voice and rhythm of the story? Be taken onto a journey through a magical forest in search of family and friendship. Fun for children and adults alike that are trying to enhance their understanding of another language.

Audiobook The Adventures of the Lonely Unicorn

SKU: 12122
  • Audiobook Dutch version.

    Funny | for children aged 6 to 10 | Listen together | Series to binge Read by Melle van der Poel

    MP3 File | 12 Min.

  • In order to purchase this audiobook, we need your e-mail address and/ or a phone number for WhatsApp. So that we can send the file to you. You have the opportunity to leave your email and/or phone number on the checkout page. Thank you ever so much! Unicorn.

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